CBA is an independent auditing firm specializing in the review of complex health claims.

We provide peace of mind for our clients.

CBA’s expertise and experience in health claim adjudication and cost management spans more than 25 years.

We are proud to be considered a trusted partner providing clients objective counsel and unique perspective that assures health claims are valid, accurate and complete, culminating in solutions that have saved millions over the years.”

Steve Kurkul
Founder & President

Relationships Served:

Our Purpose

Deliver peace of mind to our clients.

CBA is a highly skilled, highly experienced, dedicated collection of professionals well-versed in an ever-evolving health insurance industry. We regularly collaborate with Self-Funded Employers, Administrators, Stop Loss Carriers, Managing General Underwriters, Reinsurers and Insurance Brokers to help settle health claim liabilities, supported by relevant facts and thorough review.

Our goal is to arrive at fair judgements based on a consultative approach that recognizes the interests of all parties while cumulatively saving millions of dollars. We are proud of the meaningful relationships we have built and the powerful results that deliver client peace of mind every day.

Long-term trust built on reliable returns.

CBA has the experience you need and a best-in-class reputation for specializing in catastrophic claim settlement.

We are adept at confirming that the responsibilities of the self-funded employer, the administrator and the insuring parties are being thoroughly handled with fiscal accuracy at each level of insurance risk.

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